Frequently Asked Questions

What's Adstronomic?

Adstronomic is a User Acquisition solution made for gaming-app makers. We aim to help indie developers and studios to get their first Gaming-App users at a lower price than those charged by standard platforms. Indeed, many Gaming-App makers can't afford 10k/month for a Google Ads campaign.

How it works?

How an Adstronomic Campaign will drive downloads and new users acquisition?

The campaign will help your app's users growth through two different ways - Direct and Indirect downloads/Installs.

  • Direct downloads: Players that will see your Ads into other apps from the Adstronomic network will be redirected to your App's store page to download and install it. You will be able to follow-up your campaigns performance though the Dashboard to get your Click-through rate (CTR). For the moment, our SDKs don't track downloads and installs. Therefore, you will have to use Firebase (or another service) to track them and evaluate your Click to install (CTI).

  • Indirect downloads: Players that will be redirected to your App's store page but doesn't download it won't be new users but they will bring traffic to the page. This traffic is improve your app's referencing on stores. It's important to care of your app's store page referencing to get a better ranking that will bring natural downloads. How many amazing apps are dying in the darkness of the iOS and Android stores?

Credit Per View - CPV

Our humble team invented CPV - Credit Per View. Your app's advertising spaces become your trading currency to promote your own app within the network. Each time your app displays an Ad from the Adstronomic network, your campaign will earn a credit. Based on AI, our server will automatically use this credit to display your app's ads into other Adstronomic network's apps. It's a win-win. 🏆

What are the available Ads Formats?

At the moment, Adstronomic SDKs offer standard Ads formats: Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded. Stay tuned, there are more options to come! If you want to know more about Ads creation best practices:

Is there a difference of credit value between Ads formats?

No, there is not. Example: An app that earned 1 credit by displaying a Rewarded Ad could be promoted into another app through a Banner Ad. For this reason, it's important to upload the 3 types of Ads creative in your campaign form.

How much does it cost?

Currently, Adstronomic offers only one Free plan. Paid plans will come in the future. We will keep you informed once things will be defined (pricing, features, payment method...). In the meantime - Create a campaign for each of your apps and enjoy this amazing free solution! If you want to help us, you could answer a quick survey we will post here soon.

When is the campaign ready to be launched?

The campaign has to meet a few requirements to be approved by our server and launched by yourself. Here are the minimal settings:

  • App Status: Live

  • SDK integration: Yes

  • App store Redirection: Entered

  • Ad Placement: At least 1 Ad placements is activated

  • Promotional Ad: At least 1 Promotional creative is uploaded

How to turn off a campaign?

If you want to turn off a campaign, you simply have to change one of the minimum requirements in your campaign settings.

Can I make different Ads Creatives for each country?

Unfortunately, not for the moment. We're working hard to offer this option soon. In the meantime, we advise you to use English wording to share messages through your promotional Ads.

How long does a campaign last?

For now, there is no limit! As long as the campaign is Live, the app will display Adstronomic Ads and other apps from the network will display campaign's Ads creatives automatically.

Can I buy more credits?

No, you can't. Our networks serves Ads automatically based on the app campaign's settings (Ads placements, Ads creatives and Targets).

Does my app make money?

No, it doesn't yet. Instead of making money with in-app ads placements, your app earns promotional credits that will be used by our AI-based server to help your app generate new installs and improve store's ranking.

Can I delete my account?

We will be sad but sure, you can. Use the chatbot or click here to message us.

I can't find my answer. What should I do?

Contact us! You can use the chatbot or click here to message us.

I am seeing impressions, but why am I not seeing any clicks?

Good thing, our server is working! However, this should mean that your Ads creatives could be improved to make them more attractive and engaging.

I am seeing clicks, but why am I not seeing any installs?

It's a half-good news! It means that your Ads are attractive! Players click on them because they want to know more. However, you conversion rate is low. This may be due to the quality of the app's store page. Perhaps, it would be great to change the screenshots and/or the description of your app.

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