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What is Adstronomic

Last update: 15/02/2021
Adstronomic is a User Acquisition solution for gaming-apps makers. We aim to help indie developers and studios to get their first Gaming-App users at a lower price than those charged by standard platforms. Indeed, many Gaming-App makers can't afford 10k/mo for a Google Ads campaign. Our mission is to provide a developer-friendly solution that is easy to integrate and which will provide useful insights needed to launching paid ads campaigns at scale.

How Adstronomic works

Say Bye to standards CPM, CPA, CPC models!
Our humble team invented CPV - Credit Per View. Your app's advertising spaces become your trading currency to promote your own app within the network. Each time your app displays an Ad from the Adstronomic network, your campaign will earn a credit. Based on AI, our server will automatically use this credit to display your app's ads into other Adstronomic network's apps. It's a win-win. 🏆